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Our Services

iMS Fulfilment & Distribution has many years of experience supporting the various needs of a broad range of clients.

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CDL Logistics

CDL offers the complete storage, fulfilment and distribution service. Our internet based Integrated Fulfilment System (IFS) provides seamless automation of the online ordering and fulfilment processes.

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iMS Fulfilment News

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    A New Addition

    With the continued growth of our clients and the ever increasing need to offer our clients customers a price sensitive “just in time” solution, we have invested in a new vehicle to add to our current delivery fleet.

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    Safety First

    As we continue our promise to maximise the security and protection of our client’s goods and ensure the safety of all staff at our warehouses and offices we have committed a further investment of over £40,000 to manufacture and install new automated smoke vents into our flagship warehouse in the Woolwich Arsenal, London SE18.

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    Hot Under the Collar?

    In our continued commitment to our Medical customers we have further developed our MHRA offering at our Flagship Warehouse, at an investment cost of over £22,000 we have designed and fitted a evaporative cooling system into our warehouse in SE18, this system allows us to maintain a temperature within the site between 15 and 25 degrees at all times, also the relative humidity is kept with 40 to 60%, a requirement of many of the more sensitive and costly pharmaceuticals.

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    We Have the Power

    As part of our continued efforts to offer our clients the very best service level and security CDL have invested a further £17,000.00 in the purchase and implementation of a new Kohler Emergency Generator, this system will ensure that no matter what interruptions in the power supply occur all our MHRA, Food and other temperature sensitive products will be secure in the controlled environment they require.

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    Read All About it

    The demand for charitable toilet paper continues to grow, with the latest development being the circulation of a Newspaper sharing the positive stories and images of this continued effort to give everybody a comfortable place to sit, with the help of the CDL Group you can now order a subscription service so you never need think about toilet paper again, we have also used our experience in kitting and advertising campaigns to assist “Who Gives a Crap” in their efforts to spread this positive and cheerful product and service.


Fairway Fulfilment and Logistics

Fairway specialises in the handling and distribution of materials for major brands and marketing agencies. Some of these services include warehousing, hand finishing, response and data handling, through to sophisticated online ordering systems. Click here for more information


Our Clients

Fulfilment and Distribution Services UK and Worldwide

Whether you require fulfillment and distribution services for shipping 10 or 10,000 orders per day, you get the same excellent level of service and support from the iMS team. With years of experience in the fulfillment and distribution industry, we understand the importance of providing your customers with a prompt service. After all, your reputation, and ours, depends upon it. We operate seamlessly and effectively becoming an integral part of your business.

Our friendly team has worked together in the fulfilment and distribution industry for many years and have handled a large variety of projects from standard pick and pack services through to complex kitting operations for OEM's.

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